Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!


Your Body & Soul Companion

Many people want to find a deeper connection with God in their busy, disconnected lives.

I provide a safe space of rest and help you attend to the presence of God in your life.

People who have sat with me have reconnected with God in ways that have invigorated their heart, body, and soul.


Body and Soul Companion Newsletter

 I will send a contemplative exercise periodically and news of upcoming events but will not flood your inbox.


God has graced me with helpers in every stage of my spiritual journey and the benefits have been immeasurable.

I want to pass this on to others. It is a wonderfully delicious experience to have time set aside each month to sit in God’s presence with another person who listens with you for the movements of God in your life and asks Spirit-led questions so you can go deeper with him.

My Mission

Investing in the spiritual development of people by walking alongside them in their journey with Jesus.



Carol carries happiness into a room. Her exuberance for living well is contagious. Carol is very attuned to her whole self as well as spiritually and academically prepared to companion others in this art called Spiritual Direction. She enters this contemplative world with a large and ever-expanding treasure chest of gifts (Carol loves to learn!) that pairs well with spiritual direction, formation, Enneagram work, as well as leading others in going through the Ignatian Exercises. I respectfully recommend this gifted and beautiful soul named Carol Weaver.


I have connected with Carol in person for the past year and a half for spiritual direction. She is kind and caring and has set up a space in her home that is very welcoming and peaceful. The combination of these things creates an atmosphere where I can share openly about my walk with God. Carol asks excellent questions that help me to think deeply and redirect my thoughts when necessary. She always points me back to Jesus and helps me to think rightly about Him. She has taught me 



to reflect on the things that bring “life” to me and to be grateful. I also appreciate her willingness to share of her own relationship with the Lord as it encourages me to desire Him and connect with Him more intimately. Overall, meeting with Carol for spiritual direction has been such an encouraging and life-changing experience!



Having a spiritual director who creates a peaceful, focused, and accepting listening environment enables me to recognize God’s work in my life more clearly and allow it to change me. Carol is very gifted at creating this kind of environment.


Oh my. What can I say? Carol Weaver is the real deal! First of all, she's well-equipped in the realms of Christ-centered spiritual formation, being trained in not only the fine art of spiritual direction but also equipped to help others in their exploration of the Enneagram and/or Ignatian Spirituality. Secondly, Carol is a caring, empathetic follower of Christ, who excels at coming alongside others, offering encouragement to those who are seeking a spiritual companion in their journey with Jesus.


Sustainable Faith trainer


Sustainable Faith trainer

Finally, Carol is a bridge-builder, willing to build relationships with others, regardless of faith, creed, or nationality. A true peace-maker for the greater glory of God. She comes with my highest recommendation.